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Eco Bricks

Water purifying volcanic rock aquarium decór
Natural. Useful. Decorative.

About Eco Bricks

Eco Bricks Steine

Due to their unique and exclusive appearance, volcanic rocks aquarium dècor are not only extremely decorative, but will also provide clean water in the aquarium. 100% naturally – without additives!

The porous structure of the volcanic rock attracts useful filter bacteria to settle in larger quantities. This shortens the break-in cycle of the aquarium. In already established aquariums, they provide a better quality of the water. The water does not have to get changed that often anymore, harmful substances will be dismantled more efficiently, fish and shrimps will feel more comfortable.

You don´t have to replace Eco Bricks. Quite the contrary: the longer you leave them in the aquarium, the more effectively the filter bacteria will do its work. Eco Bricks are pH-neutral and will not harden your water additionally. It is the ideal decoration for aquariums with sensitive species of fish and shrimp.

To circumvent injuries of the animals in the aquarium, the bricks get rounded down after grinding.

Eco Bricks Box
Material: 100% volcanic rock
Dimensions per brick about 3x1.18" (3*3cm) – 6 pieces per box

How to use: Wash the stones briefly under tap water an place them at a current-swept place (e.g. next to the filter or pump) for an ideal result. Cleaning or carefully removing any residues with a brush can be useful from time to time. Depending on the size of the tank, we recommend to combine 6, 9 or more stones. You can shape walls, pyramids, ruins, decks, caves and much more. Try it out!

Eco Bricks im Aquarium

At a glance

  • Exclusive design and extremely decorative
  • 100% real & natural volcanic rock, ground and rounded down
  • More beneficial filter bacteria due to the porous structure
  • pH-neutral - Eco Bricks do not harden the water
  • Better water quality
  • Shorter break-in period of newly set-up aquariums
  • Less water changes
  • Dimensions per brick about 3x1.18" (3*3cm). Suitable for all shrimp tanks and nano aquariums.

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